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Ken Gharibian is the President and founder of The V-Group, Inc., and has 29 years of extensive systems implementation and software development experience. He holds Bachelor and Master degrees in Electronics Engineering and is an MCSE - Microsoft® Certified Systems Engineer.
Ken is the computer programmer and designer of all custom assignments.
He is responsible for the technical and functional side of the programming environment.

Ken Gharibian, ystems implementation and software development programmer - MCSE - Microsoft® Certified Systems Engineer

Maha Karam, Internet web development and design.

Maha Karam is The V-Group, Inc Internet Web Designer and Developer, and is responsible for the marketing division. She has been with The V-Group for the past 17 years.
Her extensive experience in business and journalism extends our Web Design projects into a level above just pretty pictures on the internet.

All internet development projects are her responsibility. Meticulous and very energetic she is also our main marketing director in charge of our image and advertising.

Dikran Kouyoumjian is The V-Group, Inc. hardware specialist with a 24 year electrical and electronic background experience. Dikran is responsible for setting up computers and installing software. He is also one of our system integration team member. All networking and hardware projects are controlled by him.

Dikran is also responsible for all technical troubleshooting and computer upgrades. Years of experience in diverse electronic environments have made him an expert in computers and networks.

Dikran Kouyoumjian, computer hardware and networking specialist - system integration team member

Computer programmer in Visual Fox Pro and Access - SBT/ACCPAC/SAGE  modifications

Wayne Hui is our main programmer. Wayne and Ken share programming projects.

Programming in diverse environments and multitude of languages, like Fox Pro and Access makes Wayne an ideal addition to The V-Group. All programming functions are his responsibility.
Also all SBT/ACCPAC/SAGE modifications are Wayne’s territory.

Wayne and Maha are also the programming/internet development team to implement advanced Internet based programs

Naira Azaryan is a .NET and Fox Pro programmer. Naira and Wayne share programming projects.

She's also involved in various SBT/ACCPAC modifications with Wayne and Ken.

Naira and Maha are also the programming/internet development team to implement advanced Internet based programs like shopping carts and store fronts.

Naira,  .NET and Fox Pro programmer

Ray Manriquez, A+ Certified, advanced systems technician

A+ Certified, Small Business Specialist, Cisco CCNA. Our star systems technician with years of educational and technical experience.

Ray Manriquez supports all desktop and servers from hardware to software. A backup and disaster recovery specialist, he covers all aspects of our BDR offering. He can do it all.

Ray and Dikran are together the team that supports all our Full Service and Basic Service clients under contract.


Our networking associates, are Networking, Security and Systems Integration experts at the Enterprise level.  They have consulted with companies small, medium and large scale and other corporate giants on advanced networking and security projects for years. 
Their ability to diagnose and analyze complicated networks is a result of working with some of the best Systems Engineers in the industry.  Their knowledge includes: Data circuits such as DSL, ATM, T1, bonded T1, T3, OC and other Fiber solutions, Cisco Routing and Switching, Cisco Firewall and VPN/IPSEC (PIX 5xx family and 30xx Series Concentrators), Cisco Telephony and Call Manager, Microsoft Active Directory, DNS, Directory Services/Security, Group Policies Objects, Exchange Server, SMS Server as well as a large field of other products and services not listed. 

They compliment our network/hardware group and help make us a more dynamic and a more complete company to serve you.  We are lucky to have them on our team. They combine knowledge and experience and have a keen approach to intricate network environments from both the business and technical points of view.  They are not only strong engineers, but they understand that the work we do is only useful if it can simplify your environment and save you time and money. And they are available 24/7 for our Platinum clients.






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